The Erix Back Spotfacing Tool

When Consistency Matters

Why the Erix Back Spotfacing Tool is so popular

The Erix Tool is designed to chamfer, front and back spotface and deburr several different surfaces in one smooth motion.

Which means that complex front and back spotfacing routines can be carried out in a single machining cycle, or as part of a repeat-process production line, thereby eliminating time-consuming and costly manual processes, such as workpiece turning and tool adjustment. It also has a versatile wing replacement system, making it an even more cost-effective option for automatic chamfering applications.

In addition to vast savings in terms of efficiency and productivity, as well as the obvious environmental benefits, eliminating these additional processes ensures 100% consistency between the critical dimensions, and significantly reduces the risk of mechanical failure or human error.

back spotfacing

Four good reasons


Eliminating manual processes ensures 100% consistency between the critical dimensions.


Complex front and back spotfacing routines can be carried out in a single machining cycle, resulting in vast savings.


Its versatile wing replacement system makes it a cost-effective option for automatic back spotfacing applications.


The Erix cutting tool’s solid dependability is ideal for situations where downtime is unacceptable.


The Erix Tool is available through a large network of authorised
distributors and agents around the world


Technical information

spot facing with erix tool
  • All Spindles from ø10 upwards (hole size) with cylindrical shanks are designed for Weldon fastening (DIN 1835B).
  • All Spindles from ø10 upwards (hole size) are available with a Morse Taper (27-25-MK3) rather than a cylindrical shank.
  • We recommend using our extra strong HSS wing for really tough machining projects.
  • Erix Tool spotfacers are fitted with grade ISO K20 inserts as standard.
  • We supply grade K20 brazed inserts for HSS spotfacing wing sizes 020 and 030 (grade P40 for steel).
  • As high volumes of materials like stainless or high-alloy steel are tough on the clamping system, we supply SPMA centerlocked inserts for ≥ 060 wings with SPUN inserts.
  • Spotfacers with ≥ 30 mm wings are fitted with a guide tang to ensure they remain in position even at low speeds and when milling horizontally.
  • Spindles with cylindrical shanks for holes  ≥10 mm have coolant through as standard.

Please refer to our catalogues* for full information about capacities, dimensions, combinations, materials and standard part details.

* Available in both metric (mm) and imperial (inches) measurements.

Back spotfacing tip:

Use Coolant Through whenever possible. It has several advantages: it breaks up and removes chips, it keeps spindles and wings cool and it prevents workpiece surfaces from hardening.