The Erix Chamfering Tool

When Precision Matters

Erix Chamfering Tools: Precision engineering for efficient machining

Chamfering is the process of beveling or rounding the edges of a workpiece or hole. This operation serves not only to enhance the aesthetics of the workpiece but also to eliminate sharp edges, which can pose safety concerns. 

Erix Tool AB has been making precision chamfering tools for 40 years, with a proven track record of excellent performance on a wide range of materials. 

Compact and efficient, the Erix chamfering tool is the ideal solution for chamfering in confined spaces, such as those found on engines, turbines, and pumps. These innovative tools consist of a spindle and a cutter, known as a wing. The unique patented design ensures reliable performance with only one moving part. 

What Are They Used For? 

Erix tools excel at back spotfacing and back chamfering, making them indispensable in various machining applications. They are the go-to choice for tasks involving spotfacing, chamfering, counterboring, and deburring. 

Materials They Can Drill Into 

These versatile tools can handle a wide range of materials, making them suitable for diverse machining needs. Whether you’re working with magnetic soft steel, structural steel, alloy steel, or even thermoplastics and synthetic materials, Erix chamfering tools deliver exceptional results. 

Technical Specifications 

Erix chamfering tools are engineered to precise standards to deliver the best results. The spindle’s pilot part guides the tool into the hole and takes up cutting forces, ensuring efficiency. The pilot diameter is carefully calibrated to the nominal hole diameter, offering superior performance. The wings are designed with high-speed steel (HSS) for smaller sizes and feature square or rectangular inserts for larger wings. These inserts are securely clamped using Secodex left-hand threaded screws. 

In addition to vast savings in terms of efficiency and productivity, as well as the obvious environmental benefits, automating the chamfering process ensures 100% consistency between the critical dimensions and significantly reduces the risk of mechanical failure or human error. For perfect chamfering results, make sure to consult our basic guide.

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chamfering tool erix

Four good reasons


Erix Tool AB has been making precision tools for chamfering, back spotfacing and deburring for 40 years.


The Erix Tool has a proven track record of excellent performance on a wide range of materials.


With cutting wing sizes ranging from 8 mm to 15.6 cm few cutting tools are as versatile as the Erix Tool.


Complex front and back chamfering routines can be carried out in a single machining cycle.


The Erix Tool is available through a large network of authorised
distributors and agents around the world


Technical information

In addition to our standard chamfering tools (shown left), we also supply semi-standard tools as well as custom spindles, wings and shanks. Refer to the diagram of the Erix Tool in our catalogue for part details.

For example:

  • Non-standard chamfering angles, minimum 15°
  • For holes up to ø 200 mm
  • For holes with ø intervals of 0.05 mm (ø 4.5 – 9 mm)

All spindles from ø10 upwards (hole size) with cylindrical shanks are designed for Weldon fastening (DIN 1835B).

All spindles from ø10 upwards (hole size) are available with a Morse Taper (27-25-MK3) rather than a a cylindrical shank.

Please refer to our catalogues* for full information about capacities, dimensions, combinations, materials and standard part details.

* Available in both metric (mm) and imperial (inches) measurements.

Chamfering tip:

To improve the finish on the chamfered surface, lower the speed and feed
at the end of the operation and let the tool rest for a few seconds.