The Erix Deburring Tool

When Accessibility Matters

Why the Erix Deburring Tool is so popular

Deburring can be a laborious process that often involves working at difficult angles in confined spaces. The rear side of surfaces, in particular, can be a challenge when using traditional tools.

But deburring is made perfectly effortless with the Erix Tool, thanks to its precision-engineered, folding wing and integrated through-tool coolant system. A winning combination that enables you to spotface, chamfer and deburr multiple, otherwise inaccessible, surfaces in one smooth motion.

From intricate high performance engine parts to bulky structural elements for the aeronautical industry, engineering companies around the world have been using the Erix Tool for 40 years.

deburring erix tool

Four good reasons


The folding wing enables you to effortlessly deburr several otherwise inaccessible surfaces in one smooth motion.


Engineering companies around the world have been spotfacing, chamfering and deburring with the Erix Tool for 40 years.


The Erix Tool comes with coolant-through as standard on cylindrical shanks (≥10 mm).


Precision-engineered and built to last, the Erix Tool deburrs with extreme accuracy.


The Erix Tool is available through a large network of authorised
distributors and agents around the world


Technical information

deburring with erix tool
  • All Spindles from ø10 upwards (hole size) with cylindrical shanks are designed for Weldon fastening (DIN 1835B).
  • All Spindles from ø10 upwards (hole size) are available with a Morse Taper (27-25-MK3) rather than a cylindrical shank.
  • We recommend using our extra strong HSS wing for really tough machining projects.
  • As high volumes of materials like stainless or high-alloy steel are tough on the clamping system, we supply SPMA centerlocked inserts for ≥ 060 wings with SPUN inserts.
  • Spindles with cylindrical shanks for holes  ≥10 mm have coolant through as standard.
  • Spindles with Morse Taper shanks for holes ≥10 mm can be drilled for coolant through.
  • Please refer to our catalogues* for full information about capacities, dimensions, combinations, materials and standard part details.

* Available in both metric (mm) and imperial (inches) measurements.

Deburring tip:

Use Coolant Through whenever possible. It has several advantages: it breaks up and removes chips, it keeps spindles and wings cool and it prevents workpiece surfaces from hardening.